The Sustainability Story

As most people know, Portland is all about Green Building and Sustainability. The General Automotive Building is a regional showpiece for the core principles of Green Design and Construction. The building is on track to earn LEED Gold Certification, which will reinforce Portland’s reputation as the nation’s leader in sustainable urban development. What this means for our tenants is a building with increased water and energy efficiency, and a superior work environment in terms of indoor air quality, natural light, design and construction quality.

Working under the strictest guidelines for sustainability and aiming for LEED Gold status, the design team worked with the existing structural systems, column bays, operative windows and the original brick walls to preserve as much of the original structure as possible. LEED Certification is being achieved using a variety of strategies and sustainable building principles in accordance with LEED Core and Shell credit classifications.

Green Features of the General Automotive Building:

  • Connectivity
  • Easy access to mass transit
  • Bicycle-friendly
  • Access to car-sharing
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Green power
  • Ample daylight & views
Green Features